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Plant Based Starter Pack

Plant Based Starter Pack


165g e

Try all three of our new range of products: scrumptious chicken or beef pieces and pancetta cubes.

Extruded soy protein 89%, water, soy protein, vegetable fibre. sunflower oil, natural flavours, yeast extract, salt Allergens are BOLD

Arley’s Plant Based Chicken, Beef and Pancetta Pieces are 100% natural and contain no artificial preservatives, colours or additives. Just plant-based goodness and all-natural flavourings. Why put anything else? High in protein and fibre, low in saturated fats, they provide a great tasting alternative to animal meats. Great taste, no compromise!

Beef: Delicious Beef style pieces complete many dishes from stews to curries to Mexican inspired masterpieces.
Chicken: Our tender Chicken style pieces and the ideal accompaniment to an aromatic Thai green curry or flavour-packed stir fry.
Pancetta: Smokey Pancetta-style cubes, perfect addition to pasta dishes, topping nachos and deliciously dirty fries.

No animals (or humans!) were harmed in producing our plant-based meats.

Our Soy is sustainably sourced and 100% Non-GMO. ALWAYS!
What’s more, no trees are felled, or forests destroyed in producing our Soy.

Our Range

Plant Based Starter Pack
Try all three of our new range of products: scrumptious...
Plant Based Beef Pieces
Delicious Beef style pieces perfect for stews & curries.
Plant Based Pancetta Cubes
Succulent Pancetta-style cubes that can make a carbonara dish sing.
Plant Based Chicken Pieces
Scrumptious Chicken style pieces for Thai green curries or a...